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Forum Announcement: Embed Codes & Other Important Stuff
02-18-2011, 08:58 PM
Embed Codes & Other Important Stuff
Video Embedding

You no longer have to use the video drop down box in the text editor to embed videos to the forum, but you still can if you'd wish. Now, it's as simple as just posting the link to the video and it automatically embeds for you. Neat, huh?

Embed a link:

Special Exceptions

Blip Videos

The code you must use has to be what's called the "embed code". Do not confuse it for the "URL code".
A URL code looks like this:
An embed code looks like this:

Notice that one comes after "file" and one comes after "play" in the URLs provided. The code that comes after "play" is what you put inside the "[blip]" tags. It's the only one that will work. And here's how you find it:

Find the video you want to embed. Hit the little icon circled in the picture below and hit "copy embed code":
[Image: yfh7e.jpg]
From there, you can paste that embed code into your favorite text editor and copy the code shown below and paste it inbetween the "[blip]" tags:
[Image: fiJOM.jpg]

OR, if you own the video, you can find the embed code when you visit that video in the Blip dashboard:
[Image: U7k5b.jpg]
  • Note: Sometimes that code may be slightly different. Like above in the snapshots you can see that there are codes ending in "F0A" and "F0C", but both actually point to the same video. No biggie.

But for most videos, like YouTube, you can simply paste the link into the text editor. It's really that easy. No one will fault you if you test it out.

Now I can see how this could get annoying if you actually want to post a link and not necessarily embed the video. If that's the case, just use this code:
Don't Embed a Link:
[amoff]Your Link Goes Here[/amoff]

You can also completely turn off the plugin we're using, called AutoMedia by going into the user control panel (up top), selecting "AutoMedia" in the bottom left, and choosing "No", and hitting OK.

Lastly, you can find the proper embed codes for all the types of video we support here.

Spoiler Tag

We will eventually have a button in the text editor for the spoiler tag. Until then, you can use spoilers by using this code:

[spoiler]Your Spoiler Goes Here[/spoiler]

Spoilers work. Yay.


Don't you all just hate those fucking love to use strikethru's? Well, you can on AbridgedForums, but we don't have a button in the text editor yet (it's coming). Until then, use this code to insert a strikethru:

[s]Text For Strikethru[/s]
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