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Forum Announcement: Group Requirements and Explanations
07-03-2012, 11:41 PM
Group Requirements and Explanations
We love when you guys apply for a group and actually put the proper URL to your content. It's awesome to show off to the rest of us what it is you do.

That said, we have had a lot of group join requests that don't quite meet the criteria. If you're thinking of joining a group, here's the things you should know.

General Requirements and Tips
1) We get a lot of group requests. It may take a little bit of time for it to be approved. Just wait a little bit. We'll take care of it.
2) Keep checking back to see if you've been approved. You'll then have the ability to set your new group as your "Display Group".
3) You must have actual content uploaded and able to be viewed at the URL you submitted. (e.g., If you submitted to the Abridger group, you must have abridged content; if you submitted to the Let's Plays group, you must have "let's play" videos, etc.).
4) You can join multiple groups, but can only set your display group to one at a time. This will change the color of your name and reset your "tagline" to the default for that group.
5) If you were not approved, there is a reason why. You likely didn't meet the criteria laid out in this section.

Group Explanations
Abridgers - An abridger is someone who makes parody videos. These videos are generally anime-related, but not always. Often, the content is shortened from the original (hence the title "abridged") and made humorous. Abridging is the same thing as parody and vice versa. If you identify with the "abridger" label, you should join this group.

AMV Editors - An AMV is an acronym for "anime music video". These are videos comprising of self-edited anime clips to music of the editor's choice. Many in the abridging community also or mainly make AMVs.

Fandubbers - A fandubber is someone who makes fandubs. A fandub is a video with the voiceover dub redone by amateurs or fans (or anyone not involved in the official dub). These are usually done because the anime or other content does not yet have a voiceover dub in a certain language. Fandubs differ from parodies and abridged series in that the original script remains unchanged.

Let's Plays - A "Let's Play-er" is someone who records video game footage of their own playthroughs, usually giving some sort of audio narration along with it. Let's Plays are often popular among the abridging community.

Parodists - A parodist is someone who makes parodies. A parody is a funny imitation or derivative of an original work. The original work can be virtually anything. Some do not identify with the "abridger" label and instead opt to call their work parodies. If you identify more with the label of "parodist", you should join this group.

Voiceover Artists - A voiceover artist is also known as a voice actor/actress or voice talent. Voiceover artists use their voice in various forms of media to do things such as portray characters, narrate, advertise, or instruct.
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