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Editor looking to join a team/project. - Trax - 01-09-2018 03:22 PM

Hi you sons of bitches, I'm Trax.

I've been doing Youtube let's plays back in the day for 6+ years, so I gained some editing knowledge along the way.
Recently started editing with Vegas Pro 14, and upgraded my equipement, and I've been making my own No Game No Life Abridged for a few days, great fun.

But right now I want to test out my skills, and I feel limited all by myself.

I'm looking to join a team, either it be a starting project, or 1 that's been going on for a while. My main focus is details and quality in an Abridged.
No shitty mic's, no overused jokes, you get me right?

Feel free to hit me up through PM if you are either interested in joining my project, or in me joining yours!

Your cheecky neighboorly dickwaffle, Trax.