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New to Abridging, Need a Place to Start
07-22-2017, 10:48 AM
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RE: New to Abridging, Need a Place to Start
You see enough new abridgers post 10+ minute videos that waste 70% of the viewers' time, you grow a bias against anyone who doesn't look like they've trimmed their fat. I'll be the last person to tell someone else they cannot do something. Maladeth is perfectly free to prove me wrong. In my mind, they have a tall mountain to climb first.

Some examples that prove my point:

All of those needed trimming, but why bother when they've got hundreds of thousands to millions of subs? They gobble it up without question. Us noobs have to prove ourselves with a little, before we can prove ourselves with a lot. I didn't do Ninja 'Scridged till after 25 episodes of Abridgelion. Remember #TIBA this time last year? Participants were required to keep their vid shorter than 10 minutes, and make the judges laugh at least once in the first 30 seconds. Those are great rules.

An "elevator pitch" is a 60-second attempt to convince an investor (the viewer) to support (watch) their idea (video). Episodes don't have to be under a minute, of course. Just don't waste people's time.

You are what you put your time into.

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