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Abridging Acupuncture
09-05-2016, 01:47 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-2016 01:47 PM by thedarkboco.)
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RE: Abridging Acupuncture
Thanks for the review, I really needed some harsh criticism, since I haven't heard anything less, "Eh, its okay", and surrounding myself with only positive feedback is no way to better myself. If you don't mind I'll go through that list and try to explain.

Quote:A lot of dead space (I can't hear the background music at all, and you need it to fill in the space and give it a TV/anime/what-have-you suspension of disbelief)
Thats probably 50:50 balancing and just not doing it issue, if you look at my timeline you can see that there is BGM, but there are areas that are pretty sparse too.

Quote:You sound like you're talking into the mic from the other side of the room (Laptop mic? You need a real one if you're going to voice act anything. It's both hard to understand and incredibly distracting with how it is)
I don't use a laptop mic, I use an AT2035, but I do record on my laptop, so its entirely possible that screwed up my audacity settings because I have a different room that I record in, so my mic isn't always plugged in.

Quote:Severe lack of sound effects, and the ones that are there stick out or don't fit
I refer you to my time line that I posted above, but I will agree that it is woefully under SFXed.

Quote:Not a good script and not good acting
This would be the only point I would try to contest, I will admit that thanks to the time limit (and me starting writing late) I was unable to give the script the amount of time to sit that I like to give to scripts. But I will definitely agree with you that my acting needs work, getting someone to help direct VA stuff is something I've been working on.

Again thanks for the review.

Mic: Audio-Technica AT2035 l Twitter l Youtube l Wiki Page

Princess Princess Abridged 2 - Writing

Und Shot - Recording
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