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Poll: Which show series is btter Digimon or Pokemon
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Digimon 40.00% 4 40.00%
Pokemon 60.00% 6 60.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Digimon vs Pokemon
12-01-2013, 08:28 PM
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Digimon vs Pokemon
I've been wondering about this. In your opinion which is a better show Digimon or Pokemon. I'm talking about all seasons and "spinoffs". By in Digmon Adventures till Fusion. Than Pokemon till whatever the new Black and White (I think that's the recent season)

Allthough I am a fan of Digimon by my idea of making a "Digimon abridged series". I will say in general Pokemon for the series is better for first till now. But Digimon adventures till tamers I can stand in Digimon. Fusion makes no sense at all.

So give me your opinion everyone.

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12-01-2013, 09:49 PM
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
The best way to understand both is to grow up with both so here is what I say about Digimon & Pokemon.
Main Series:
Pokemon: Stays with the main characters & sometimes changes some of the companions in the series, but repeats the adventure with the difference being that there are some new Pokemon and new types of strategies. They do bring old characters back for a certain reason or special.
Digimon:Series 1-2 had original cast, but in future series the cast did change from type of Digi-Destines to even the Digimon and each character is always new, but yet the same. In Xros Wars, they brought the main protagonist into the final battle, not sure if thats the last episode of Digimon yet, but it brought that nostalgic feeling.
Pokemon: A lot of the Pokemon are original yet unoriginal and each Pokemon is based off something like a mouse or a sword, but Pokemon only say their names or do a cry. When Pokemon evolve they don't turn back to normal unless its a Mega Evolution and you have to have a certain thing for certain Pokemon to evolve and thats kinda a pain.
Digimon:Digimon have some ridiculous names due to the fact that every Digimons name ends with mon. Digimon gets some points because they can talk and how cool is it when your pet can talk to you. When Digimon evolve they can also turn back into their original form, but the issue is that there are to many Digivolutions to keep count of and many Digimon who can or cannot Digivolve.
Pokemon: In truth, the first Pokemon Movie to this day still makes me cry near the end and that shows a lot of emotion when it comes to a anime movie. A lot of the Pokemon films have one of those moments where you feel sad about what happens to a certain character or Pokemon because they show that there are some hardships when on a journey and how we can overcome them.
Digimon: Okay, we all know how bad the first Digimon Movie is and how we all want to burn each and every copy, but there is one good thing about this movie, the movie stays to its roots and that it doesn't feel non-canon because we get to know when certain events happened and where they are in the timeline.
Theme Songs:
Pokemon: Lets face it, we all love the gotta catch em all theme song growing up & the poke rap. Sometimes though we don't get those as a remade version of it and thats a good thing because sometimes it is a good thing to preserve things in the past and not modernize them for the future. Also, we get a full version of the songs in the movies.
Digimon: The Digimon songs aren't bad especially when they aren't the Movie version. I pefer the shows rap song of Digimon over the movies any day. They do have some new songs, but I think the opening song from generation 4 (Humans turning into Digimon) is the catchiest in my opinion.
All in all. I think Pokemon is the winner when it comes to Movies & Music, but Digimon gets points for originality. Still, I'd vote for Pokemon.

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12-02-2013, 01:56 AM
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
Digimon changes the cast, situation, and rules every season so you can gain new viewers as well as rely on previous viewer loyalty to the brand.

Pokemon uses the same main character every season and as a result you may come into the show part way and not understand everything fully. Also the fact that Ash forgets the fucking basics every new region just baffles me. They made a good move in changing his companions after a while but that doesn't change the fact that a digimon season is effectively separate from the other seasons (some exceptions) while pokemon is a single continuous adventure.

Furthermore, Digimon has not gotten censored nearly as much as Pokemon has. With pokemon, we lost some key episodes such as Ash capturing his Tauros herd.

Next point is that each new Digimon season CHANGES the rules of the game where Pokemon essentially ADDS rules. Take that comment however you like. I personally think changing them and starting fresh works (they needed to allow a rookie like Shoutmon beat an ultimate level digimon somehow, right?)

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12-02-2013, 08:48 AM
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
My instincts tell me Digimon is probably the better show, but my nostalgia tells me Pokemon.

Thanks for all the good times.
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12-02-2013, 07:31 PM
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
Honestly, when I was younger I watched Pokemon about 10x more than I watched Digimon. The other shows I watched included Power Rangers and Beyblade, but I digress. I feel as if it's possible that Digimon had a better story but at the same time it was more repetitive per battle than it was with Ash in Pokemon. Although I liked how they had different creatures every once in a while, I feel as if Pokemon was a more memorable series than Digimon was.

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12-14-2013, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2013 12:37 PM by Kat.)
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
I always watched Digimon. I have always felt the Digimon show was better than the Pokemon show, but the Pokemon games were always better than the Digimon games.

Pokemon wins with games. Digimon wins with shows. I never recorded Pokemon with my VHS tapes, I always recorded Digimon. I used to play soccer late at night, so I would record Digimon and watch it when I had free time. Even when Digimon was playing in the morning I recorded it. I always wanted to see what happened next.

In fact at times I get nostalgic for Digimon so I watch it again. I have never found the urge to watch Pokemon again.

Quick Edit: I would always sing along to both original themes. I preferred the Digimon one. It is still hard to find both series on VHS or DVD, but when I was younger I would actively seek out the Digimon figures and VHS tapes.
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12-14-2013, 12:45 PM
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
Digimon has DVD box sets at Walmart.

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12-21-2013, 11:30 PM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2014 08:37 PM by xtraveemon.)
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RE: Digimon vs Pokémon
Seems digimon losing no issue although a fan of both been wondering. Seems in opinions some say one is better in one aspect. In my opinion I have said Digimon better show than game whereas Pokemon better game. What annoyed me is the changes I mean Pokemon same just different region, characters, and pokemon. Digimon different aspect after adventure 1-2. Than tamers ok used cards and where in the "real world" , and than the one where they turned into digimon after tamers wasn't a big fan.

Fusion seems entertianing but it seems now for a digimon to Digivolve seems more pokemon like where they stay the form. Than everyone fuses ok rather have some digivolve and some fusion of course it's called Digimon FUSION.

Pokemon became a fan early in life but for some reason where I'm from didn't get so saw the vhs and stuff but knew how to play so was a fan threw the games. Than saw reruns.

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