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Fuuka! Abridged! - Fuuka Needed!!!
12-20-2017, 11:21 AM (This post was last modified: 12-31-2017 10:34 AM by KSTEV2018.)
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Fuuka! Abridged! - Fuuka Needed!!!
Hello all!

I'm the head writer and creator for Fuuka Abridged! We need your help in finding our leading lady. I apologize in advance of the short time for the audition but we are hoping to get this done ASAP. We'll also be looking for voices later on so if you don't make this audition there will be more to come!

Fuuka Akitsuki is a teenage girl, takes no BS, isn't afraid to show some sass, and is a rockstar at heart (singing not required - however if you CAN SING you can email me a 16 bar phrase showing me your talent if you want to help that way. The acting comes first)

Accent - Preferably American but if you can show your best work with a different accent then by all means go for it!

Must have a working and professional attitude, quality recording microphone, Skype, and the ability to do re-takes if needed. (We're all friends here, we want your best work!)

Must be ok with being loud, seeming to be bossy, and being giving actively flirtatious lines when the script demands it.

Audition lines:

#1 - (Sarcastic yet Cheery) God, look at all the happy couples here. (Serious) it makes me sick.

#2 - (Seductive) Well what's shakin' bacon? How 'bout we go see a movie?

#3 - (Angry) Hey! Watch where you're going!

Send your individual recordings in either .wav or mp3 whichever is easier to : with the subject Fuuka Audition by 12/30/17 (deadline pushed back as of 12/26)


Skype: dax_rendar

Demo Reels are accepted if you'd like to submit a link as well

Any questions? Leave a comment in the thread or feel free to email me. Thank you!
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