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[OPEN] Magic Knight Rayearth OVA Fandub Episode 1-3
12-09-2015, 06:43 PM (This post was last modified: 12-09-2015 06:56 PM by Peachee.)
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Magic Knight Rayearth OVA Fandub Episode 1-3
Magic Knight Rayearth OVA Fandub Episode 1-3

[Image: fandub.jpg]

Please visit my website which has very detailed information on the project, auditions, case, cast scripts, and more!
(I would like everyone who auditions to visit my website first! Thanks!)

Click Here ---> Just Peachee Fandubs

Deadline will be Janurary 31st 2016 (Date could change later)

Here are our current open auditions. You are more then welcome to audition for more then one character! I also I do not have a preference on voice type for any character, I will pick which ever voice I like the most for that character. Title e-mail after the characters you are applying for (Umi, Fuu, Alcyone auditions) Make sure to record each line separately and when naming them just title them Line 1, Line 2, and so on.. put all files in a zip folder and title it with your characters name and your name (Example: Umi_Peachee) if auditioning for multiple characters put each in separate folders please. *PLEASE* please make sure you record each line with good quality, if it doesn't sound good I will ask you to rerecord! I'm excited to hear all those beautiful voices!

Please click Here to send in auditions

(Sound files should be MP3 please!)

[Image: ovahikaru06.jpg]Hikaru- (Female)

[Image: Magic.Knight.Rayearth.full.1442400.jpg]UMI (Female)
"Are you saying you've killed everybody?!"
"There are no such things as fairies. Let's just forget it."
(Upset screaming) "HIKARU!"

[Image: ovafuu08.jpg]FUU (female)
(Sad) "Yeah, I'm going away, too."
"Wiat! We have Deities within us too?!"
"Hikaru's alright, isn't she?"

[Image: a51d498d773e17efa7cd879a0febf13f%2B%25281%2529.jpg]CLEF (male)
"I think she's going to sacrifice herself and seal up the catle!"
(Hurt) "Maybe this bought a little time but..the rest is up to those girls."
"It's too dangerous for us to stay"

[Image: MagicKnightRayearthOAV20.jpg]ALCOYNE (female)
(Yelling) "Araya!"
"They'll do just fine. I'll kill them."
"Spirit Beast with whom I have a pact! Reveal your true form!"

[Image: left_ferio.jpg]FERIO (male)
"Stop this, Ascot."
"We've come here to take the divine test."

[Image: Ova_ascot.jpg]ASCOT (Young male)
"Gee, what a waste it was coming here.'
"I'm going to destroy you, Clef!

[Image: Lantis.png]LANTIS (male)
"Such a reckless use of a legendary deity.."
"Eagle. The circle of destiny has not been broken yet."

[Image: 80281-4707387-mkr-ova-eagle-1.jpg]EAGLE (male or female)
"Emeraude. We will arrive soon, on Rayearth."
(Evil laugh) lantis. What good do you think that thing is going to do?!"
(Angry Yell) "Bastards!"

[Image: 138622683000201.jpeg]Emeraude (Femle)
*Sing the lullaby from the beginning of the episode"

*If you've never watched the series head to my website and look under cast script there is a video that you can watch that will have the lullaby and Mokona's noise.*

[Image: 533528-9227808-mkr-ova-mokona-1.jpg]Mokona (Either)
*Make Mokona noise" lol

[Image: Lexus.png]LEXUS (male)
"If the gem glows for all eternity, then your dream will be realized."
"I told you before it's all up to you"

Windom- *Currently not taking auditions*
Selece- *Currently not taking auditions*
Zagato-*Currently not taking auditions*

Please visit my website for current projects I'm working on. Hope to hear from you all!
Current Project- Magic Knight Rayearth OVA Ep 1-3.
*Currently taking auditions!*
Just Peachee Fandubs
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