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No Game No Life Abridged Actors Wanted!
01-08-2018, 01:42 PM
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No Game No Life Abridged Actors Wanted!
Project Information:
<Hi, I'm currently working on a No Game No Life Abridged, with the focus on it being the best out there based on quality. I currently have the idea of making a full length episode of the entire season, maybe split the episode in a few parts to get some hype going. I am still deciding on the story, but will probably follow the direction of the original one, but obviously with a lot of offensive, and clever humor. Other ideas are always welcome. When you join the team, your opinion will be as important as mine regarding choices, so don't worry about not being included.
Right now the story progresses from joke to joke, meaning I just edit and see what ideas come through.>

Audition Deadline:
<Right now there is no active deadline, since I am still on my own, wanting to make this project with focus on upmost quality.>

Recording and Contact Information
<Put any specifics for contact and recording in this section.>
  • Record using [Whatever you want]
  • Save files as [ex. projectName_character_userName.mp3/wav/zip]
  • Send finished auditions to []

Production Expectations
<Right now I really have no clue how fast production is going to go, since I am still alone. I have made some good progress myself, almost halfway the first episode of the season after 2 days non stop editing.>
  • No requirements, except for a quality mic.
  • Episodes are expected to be released on a team decided monthly schedule
  • Team members will be able to view and send comments/suggestions before release to the general audience.

Open Roles

Looking for voice actors:
Stephanie Dola, Jibril, Hatsune Izuna, Chlammy Zell, Teto, Nilvalen Feel.

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