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[OPEN] Sound! Euphonium fandub casting
03-04-2016, 04:57 PM
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Music Sound! Euphonium fandub casting
[Image: Hibike-Euphonium-400x200.png]

Hey there! Since Sound! Euphonium came out last year, I've been obsessed with it. It's such a well-made show, but unfortunately doesn't have an English dub, so I've decided to fill that void (even though the original version is phenomenal).

I'm definitely going to dub the first episode. We'll see where things go from there. As far as deadlines go...let's say April 1st! (although that could change).

Send audition audio files to Big Grin Feel free to audition for multiple roles...there are also many background parts, so if you don't fit for any characters listed below, I'm sure there's still a part for you ^_^


[Image: photo.jpg] [Image: 687474703a2f2f7075752e73682f6b5a6b67372f...342e676966]
Kumiko Oumae (main character, somewhat sarcastic and introverted)
"Congratulations, we got second-place."
"Why did I believe the rumor that my breasts would get bigger once I was in high school?"

[Image: 542452424.gif]
Reina Kousaka (a mysterious loner who thinks she's better than everyone else)
"I'm so upset...I'm so upset I could die."

[Image: tumblr_nmsezvgM9y1rercezo1_250.gif]
Hazuki Katou (upbeat and cheerful)
"I've decided to make new friends in high school, and do all kinds of new things."

[Image: tumblr_nmnevjZ9Do1ssq9uio1_250.gif]
Sapphire Kawashima (sick of people calling her 'Sapphire')
"I'd appreciate if you'd call me 'Midori'. And 'contrabass' is the name of an instrument!"

[Image: tumblr_nnyetdcebn1rh8etxo1_500.gif]
Asuka Tanaka (crazy, but in a good way)
"Welcome to concert band! Hurry, register her for the club!"

[Image: tumblr_nmg7p0Rnro1tsas0no2_400.gif]
Shuuichi Tsukamoto (a nice guy who's a little shy, and is sick of being ignored by Kumiko)
"We've known each other ever since we were little! You could at least say 'hi'!"

[Image: tumblr_o22002r8ak1v5jotwo1_540.gif]
Kaori Nakaseko (first chair trumpet player. very kind.)
"I just wanted to say sorry about the auditions. They got pretty competitive."

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3eypfsey4ji8...wo_640.gif]
Haruka Ogasawara (the band club president. has self-esteem issues)
"Everyone, settle down! Let's play a tuning B-flat, please."

[Image: tumblr_nq9n00xu971tqzcmlo1_500.gif]
Noburu Taki (super strict, but he gets results)
"I thought I said not to come and get me until you were ready to play in an ensemble."
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