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Looking for people interested for "Research Voiceovers" in "Character Study Short"
03-24-2016, 01:03 AM
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Looking for people interested for "Research Voiceovers" in "Character Study Short"
There has been a small project that I've been wanting to do for such a long time, but I sadly never had the chance to work on it properly until now when I finally got the motivation to work on it again.

For the longest time since Naruto had ended, I wanted to do this one thing: Do a character study on this one particular character to know whether or not if she had a decent impact to the story or not. Of course, just by saying "She," you might know who exactly I'm talking about, but I do admit that she had just bugged me to no end. Still, I wanted to do this project since I'm sure alot of people share the same thoughts on her, but she could still have a few redeeming moments that could help balance out the bad... maybe.

Unlike most other "Audition Threads," this one isn't necessarily looking for Voice Actors, but rather people who would like to help participate in the creation of this video (which could be a two parter). I can handle the editing, but I am looking for the following:

Researchers with Good Mics and a good personalities.

What I mean by this is simple enough: I would like to put together a script with people who are knowledgeable with the series (and the lady to which I want to do the study on), and not only help to put together a nice discussion on her, but to also lend their voices in the talk. You don't have to be a "Super Expert" by any stretch of the definition, but I would like to know that anyone who is helping does know what they are talking about. Alongside with that, I am looking for decent passing audio that can be used in the video, so habing a good mic with little to no feedback would help greatly (alongside with a nice personality since I would like for this to be lively discussion that can have a few "wise cracks" or funny moments to keep it from being completely boring).

As I am currently in the early planning stages of this project, I don't have any specific timelines right now, but of course, would like to start working on it immediately and have people who will help out be punctual in not only the research and writing, but also their voice over lines as well. Basically by helping, you are your own character here and will have full credit for any and all assistance that is provided. While I don't have a good idea of when it "would be finished" I do have a very good intention of releasing the "first part" as soon as it is done while working on the 2nd part.

No submission details are required here other than what I had stated up top. Just by showing interest, I'll be happy to take you into consideration.

As I am also working to find more people on another forum, I do want to get this going right away. As such, I'll be looking for people until the start of May 2016. By that point if I can't find anyone here, I'll turn my attentions elsewhere.

If you have read this post and would like to offer assistance, thank you in advance. Feel free to send a PM, skype message (same name), or an email to with something in the subject title like "Special Project Inquiry" just so that I can know.

Other than that... That's all I can think of. I would like to start making more videos like this, but I want to try and get this off the ground first if I can. Thanks again everyone. Smile
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