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Your Top 3 #TIBA Entries and Why
07-09-2016, 09:26 AM
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RE: Your Top 3 #TIBA Entries and Why
I settled on the first three that impressed me.

"How I Caught Your Mother"

Straight, dumb fun. Loved it. Bursting at the brim with jokes and a very proficient parody of the source's visuals.

"Breaking Bean"

Dialogue was beautifully off-kilter the whole way through. Got the look of an old anime no one's heard about, but sounds like it's made in the modern age. Really stellar style.

"Dumb Justice"

Holy Mother of Mary, JayJay the Jetplane? Arizona as a vacation destination?! Methamphetamine!? How could I refuse this gem?!?

The banter between the characters really shined through for me. Everyone's customized facial expressions added a lot to the experience.

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08-25-2016, 01:43 AM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2016 08:58 PM by MrSkoringo.)
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RE: Your Top 3 #TIBA Entries and Why
Completely forgot to put in for my top entries. So I think I will now.

First some honorable mentions. The 2 videos here were the ones I felt were pretty good but maybe had some factors that held it back. I can see these entries placing but they missed a certain certain something extra for me.

Honorable Mentions

2. Inazuma Eleven Go!! Abridged by LeRoygendary

Spoiler: The Why(Show)
Nothing like good ol' fashioned adult material juxtaposed with kid friendly footage to get the chuckles going. And this did stuff really well. A nicely prepared little package from Ivan and the crew here. Pretty well mixed, nice visual edits and well written characters all bouncing off each other with material that makes for something nice... But a bit light. There's for sure some good shows of character chemistry displayed here but they don't quite pack the "HAHA" punch if you know what I mean. The comedic are there. But they lack that certain gusto to get that gets the laughs all the way. Good jokes just lacking the punch to get full laughs. They're there. Just gotta find em. However, it's consistency is what makes this one still solid.

1.The Abridged Adventures of Lupin The 3rd by Chadvision

Spoiler: The Why(Show)
This was a pretty good entry as far as a solo effort goes and it really stood out. One actor, one writer, one editor. All making parody lemonade with a single lemon. AND getting lots of juice. The range of the acting didn't do much for me as some voices sounded familiar but the overall performances put on worked well for the jokes provided. And the editing in the sound department did fine as well. Not to much to say on the visual front. But given Lupin's older source material footage, it could be hard to edit so it's understandable. And the sound editing did great work. And while I enjoyed the jokes provided, I felt the good jokes were a bit too far and in between. Kinda like we'd have some good silly material for a bit and then it'd drop off for a bit and then go back and forth from there. And I felt that was something that happened a bit to often here. But that said, it's still a great entry for TIBA. Hella funny and makes me an envious fella towards the comedy.

Now to my top 3. These are the three I have the most faith in in either winning or ones I think will place pretty damn high up there. Based on their comedy (which caused me to actually laugh instead of plain internal laughter), voice acting and overall production, I felt these three did it all the best.

My Top 3 #TIBA Entries

3. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Abridged ; The 3 Chinese Amigos by Let's Dub Project (Tyranee)

Spoiler: The Why(Show)
One of the main points later made on the TIBA contest was to try to comically tell the source material's story. And if one did that well, it's this one! Man this was solid on all fronts. Great, entertaining voice acting performances delivering their lines and jokes with great execution. Great production values with nice visual edits and exception audio work. And on top of that, a great cohesive script complete with jokes and funny written characters. All of which had great chemistry and had their rounds of jokes and humor. This one I'm calling is a top contender. Even with one or two slower scenes, it still managed to hold itself together and remain consistent with it's comedy. This one hits the high notes and hits em damn well.

2. Super Mario Bros "The Condensed Milk Series" EP 1 by EoD

Spoiler: The Why(Show)
Damn silly. Damn funny. Damn well edited and acted. And creative with it's premise to boot. While I give ROTTK Abridged props for telling the original story with great comical elements, this one is getting tons of points for making humor a major focal point of it all and hitting the high notes on each one while keeping the premise in tact but still showing true creativity with it's approach. It's fast, loud, abrasive and damn funny. EoD knows his way around humor and jokes and it shows here. Funny voices, funny written jokes, funny slapstick, funny outcomes that you don't see coming. It's all around a damn funny all around and it's creative side and I feel that's what it'll take it high in this competition.

1. Panic! At the Hakusho! (Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged) by MrBuddyVA

Spoiler: The Why(Show)
Oh how I "Eer'd". Oh how I "Umm'd". Oh how hard it was for me to choose between my number 1 and 2 entries here. But all in all: This one takes the cake from me.

While Romance Abridged had the best in using it's original narrative with contrasting characters and Super Mario Condensed Milk used it's creative genius in many more aspects, I felt this one kinda did a combination of the two and that's ultimately what makes this the top entry in this contest. The funny contrasting characters. From loud Hiei to cloud cuckoo lander Kuawabara, the cast here is all a variety and mishmash of funny and well balanced characters all of which bring out comedic gold. Lots of funny moments (The communication cold open, Kuwabara's self high five, the different beasts, the twist ending, Keiko, etc) are really what make this really a fun and silly watch. I laughed a good number of times here. I also liked how this one kept the arc to it's narrative route but still managed to do things new and unexpected with it and still kept the creativity at an all time high. And kept the funny's going. Seriously of all the entries (which I kinda ran through via a TIBA playlist), this was one, much like the others mentioned, that got an actual laugh out of me. And the voice acting. Good lord. Talented folks at their peak. No bad performances here. And each one well directed and using great quality equipment. The editing visually is great too. Well done lip flaps, fun visual edits, great pacing. All packed together with nicely tuned sound design.

All in all: This one takes the cake for my top TIBA entry. Due to the fact it did so much and was able to do it within the time of the deadline. Making it a surefire entrant in my book.

And there's my top choices for the contest. Everything else for me either failed to impress, was straight bad or wasn't memorable at all. I feel this contest, even with it's faults, did lead to some lively content creation and introduced some creators more to the world of parody.

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