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Re:Zero Abridged Auditions (2 Male, 6 Female)
01-08-2017, 01:25 PM (This post was last modified: 01-24-2017 07:14 PM by ADHDgonewild7.)
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Re:Zero Abridged Auditions (2 Male, 6 Female)
Hello everyone,

I'm starting an abridged series for Re:Zero that plays on the fact that Re:Zero, while it is a fantastic show, is not entirely original. This is going to be a bit of a cross over between other shows that have similar plots such as Madoka Magika, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Steins Gate.

Here is an example of my work: Diabolik Lovers Abridged

DEADLINE: 2-7-2017

- MUST HAVE a Good Mic (Blue Yeti or better) and be able to record with little to no background noise
- Must be able to take live direction over Skype or Discord (Preferably Skype)

Record in MONO and send clearly labeled audition lines to


SLOTH (Betelgeuse)
Evil leader of the witches cult and main antagonist. Clearly evil and insane (Deep voice)

Line 1: (ominous) Tell me, what is it like, to have friends out of time?

Line 2: (evil laugh)

A pivotal character but doesn't have any real lines in this first episode. Strong but gentle and used to being discriminated against (natural voice)

(Submit a short audition monologue of your choosing)

The other antagonist seen at the beginning of the show. Calm confident and sadistic

Line 1: (just before killing your victim) you called? (maniacal laugh)

Cat creature from Madoka Magica. This one needs to be as close as possible to the actual character

Line 1: is that really what you want? More than anything else in this world?

Line 2: seems you already have a wish in progress. I guess there's no reason to keep you around then.

Also from Madoka Magica. A young girl who in this case is easily excited. (Must be able to yell and scream)

Line 1: are you trying to save your girlfriend?...I knew it! We have so much in common!

Line 2: No! No!!! How many friends must you take from me!?!

From Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. A very cute little girl with a dark secret. must be familiar with the actual character.

Line 1: (cute) Nipaa! Who are you?

Line 2: (Serious) Finally someone who understands.

Also from Higurashi and also requires familiarity with the actual character. In this she will occasionally break out of character and become a strong and more stubborn person

Line 1: Rika? You're supposed to be getting ready for...Hey! get your own show! Get out of here! Go on, get!

Main character of steins gate. Loud and proud and as close to the actual character as possible.

Line 1: by steins gate! Finally someone who can relate! You there! Will you be my best friend?!

NOTE: when I say be as close to the actual character I mean their mannerisms not necessarily their voices

Thanks! I look forward to hearing your auditions,
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01-08-2017, 08:15 PM
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RE: Re:Zero Abridged Auditions (2 Male, 6 Female)
Can I audition as Lust over skype
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01-15-2017, 01:29 AM
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RE: Re:Zero Abridged Auditions (2 Male, 6 Female)
Hello. My friend told about these openings and I am interested in the main character. Though, I cannot audition at the moment because it's 1 in the morning right now. Please contact me at a later time. )P.S. I do not have a microphone such as a blue yeti. It is a head set. I hope I can still get the part.)

Yours truly,
Gwynn cridland.
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