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[OPEN] Seconds Universe | Need VA's
02-02-2017, 09:58 PM
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Seconds Universe | Need VA's
Hello everyone Blush

Steven Universe is a gem army general infiltrating Earth to enslave all human beings. Centuries later he is still far from having accomplished anything. It's no surprise since he must work with Pearl his coward french-sounding right hand, Amethyst his left hand who is more interrested in killing to take his place than killing actual humans, and Garnet their african slave. Not to count Greg, a crazy man who lost all his familly in a tragic accident and now thinks that Steven is his son.

Seconds Universe is an abridged serie around the show "Steven Universe". Every episode of Steven Universe will be adapted in the right order (maybe not every... it depends of the hypothetic motivation of the crew and if the abrigded serie finds its public, there is more than 100 episodes as now... I can't predict this long in the future) but as you can see the story is somewhat different with some spin to the real formula.
When I write the first concepts for this abridged serie I tried to create funny scenes but having a sort of plot. In short this abridged serie will be 98% random and the rest will be an actual storyline now and then, so be sure to be able to act serious moment just in case.

Each episode will be rather short (around 5 minutes) which is somewhat expected with short episodes to work with in the first place as a writter. Keep in mind that I'm french and can sometimes often make gramatical error in scripts for the episode, so it's important to be kind with me and my errors and to have the autonomy to correct errors if error there is.

An other thing I should mention : the Steven Universe lore is filled with a lot of secundary characters and sometimes I might need voices for them. So if you think you could sometimes provide different voices to other characters don't hesitate to mention it when you send your audition mail, it could be a good asset for the future.

> Audition informations :
If you want to be a part of this abridged serie you should record the lines of the character(s) you want to be cast for and send by mail at [Stereo, 44100Hz mp3] under the name "Secondsuniverse_thecharactername_yourname.mp3.
Right now the deadline for the first characters audition is the end of february that is to say before 02/28/2017 at midnight.
At this time I will review that people send me and make my choices. If I don't find all that I need I will probably make a new deadline and so on.

> During production :
- I plan to diffuse 2 episodes of Seconds Universe by month, but the planning will likely depend of the time I will have in my hand to write and edit the abridged serie.
- For this to work I will in theory send to the voice actors the scripts of the two episodes of the month after at the beginning of the month. The voice actor will have 3 weeks after that to record and send me their lines. With this method we will record the new episodes during the diffusion of the old ones and so on.
- If time is with us the episodes will be send to the members before being published. I don't promess all remarks will be used, but they will at least be heard and maybe be useful for a future episode.

> Open Roles (Major) :

Steven Universe :
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 14 y.o
  • Voice Type: Very deep voice, a military man in his fourty
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Your voice must be very deep. A very calm tone most of the time but which can go in a voice rampage from time to time. I let the voice actor take the liberty to ad lib a little if he want to add some swearing now and then.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Am I a bad leader ? We have been on Earth since centuries but... we haven't done anything yet...
  • Line 2: Pearl ! What... what... why are you such a fuckin' moron all the time ?!
  • Line 3: Yeah Amesthyst, I know you are the master of secrets but it's freakin' obvious you want to kill me. Serioulsy, freakin' obvious.

Pearl :
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30 y.o
  • Voice Type: Normale female voice, an exagerated french accent
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Speaking french is not important for this role, she don't say french words very often and if the time come I put one in there, I would pronounce it for you I suppose... The voice actress for Pearl need to be able to scream and to crack her voice from time to time to match with the cowardice of the character.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: (calm) Boss, I think we should surrender.
  • Line 2: (scream) I nearly died folding this T-Shirt !
  • Line 3: I'm not a coward. I just try to protect my life if I can.

    Amethyst :
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 16 y.o
    • Voice Type: Adolescent female voice
    • Notes and Important Information:
      Amethyst is capable of having a very serious tone and slipping in stupid adolescent mode in the blink of an eye when her ploys are discovered by Steven.

    Audition lines:
    • Line 1: I was thinking... Since I have a whip, it would be normal that I was the one owning Garnet.
    • Line 2: Don't tell yourself about this but I will try to kill you today.
    • Line 3: I would love to follow you're order but at the same time I would hate it. So rather than being torn apart by this choice I think I'll just eat pizza.

    Greg (begin in episode 2) :
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 40 y.o
    • Voice Type: Masculine voice with a little bit of insanity
    • Notes and Important Information:
      Greg is not mentaly sane. He is delusional and can freak out at random during some sentences. In my head he kinda sound like a male version of Mina Loveberry from Star VS the force of evil (ep.9 s.2 - Starstruck) but it's not an obligation, just a clue to what I search with him.

    Audition lines:
    • Line 1: Martha it's you ? You've become such a fine girl !
    • Line 2: This is not van ! This is my second wife Veronica !
    • Line 3: Steven can I kill people with you ? It would be a great father-son bonding experience !

    Garnet :
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 30 y.o
    • Voice Type: Female voice, very raciste black voice
    • Notes and Important Information:
      Most of the time Garnet will say sentences written in a not very good english. Sometimes there will be actual lines if the situation and the humour need it.

    Audition lines:
    • Line 1: Garnet finally be free.
    • Line 2: Garnet finds that offensive.
    • Line 3: The answer was love. And slavery.

    > Open Roles (Minor) :

    Saddie (Episode 1) :
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 24 y.o
    • Voice Type: Female voice
    • Notes and Important Information:
      Saddie is a donuts obssed girl. Her voice should match her creepy and disturbing personality.

    Audition lines:
    • Line 1: You want a donut ?
    • Line 2 : Did you ever wish donuts would have feet so you can lick them ?

    Lars (Episode 1) :
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 24 y.o
    • Voice Type: Male voice
    • Notes and Important Information:
      Lars basically will say random quotes from various films and tv shows. In episodes centered around him he will have real lines.

    Audition lines:
    • Line 1: Winter is coming Steven.
    • Line 2 : Steven you will be Joey. I will be Phoebe.

    > Received auditions :

    Thanks for reading this post. Hope some people will be interrested Smile
    If you are an editor and are sad not to be useful to this project, fear not ! It's not a priority for me but I could use an editor to be able to focus only on writting. If you want to be a part of the adventure you can send me a mail ^^
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03-08-2017, 06:07 PM
Post: #2
RE: Seconds Universe | Need VA's
Still searching for VA's. I extend the deadline to the end of april if anyone wants to play with me around Steven Universe Dat Ass
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04-25-2017, 11:22 PM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2017 11:23 PM by Zel.)
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RE: Seconds Universe | Need VA's
The end of april is near and I'm still searching for a Garnet, a Pearl, an Amethyst and a Greg.
The first three are the most important right now to edit the first episode.
So if you have some free time, a mike and want to lend your voice to some ridiculous story... :3
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04-26-2017, 10:46 AM
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RE: Seconds Universe | Need VA's
I'm gonna give you a bit of advice, not many people check AF anymore, so you should try posting this to other casting websites such as CCC, BTVA (though its also a little dead) or VAC. You can also try creating a casting doc like this one and posting it to facebook VA groups and on twitter. Also if you have Discord you could try joining Voice Acting servers and post it in the casting sections.

Mic: Audio-Technica AT2035 l Twitter l Youtube l Wiki Page

Princess Princess Abridged 2 - Writing

Und Shot - Recording
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04-26-2017, 05:48 PM
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RE: Seconds Universe | Need VA's
Thanks for the advice ^^
I was in fact aware of the lack of people around here, but since I'm new in the making of abridged series world I didn't know about these other possibilities ^^ ... The only forum I found was this one, but I guess I didn't search enough ^^

Thanks for the links Big Grin
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