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[OPEN] DragonBall Z, but different
02-24-2017, 08:57 PM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2017 08:15 AM by DragonTeam.)
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DragonBall Z, but different

DragonBall Z already has a great abridged series, but this reversioning combines the idea of an abridged series and what-if battle videos to create a new timeline wherein, like the video games, certain aspects of the story are changed completely. In the short video above, you can see the first 4 minutes of what will be a full 22 minute episode, the silent version of which can be viewed below. The one above utilizes voice clips from the video games, but they are a finite resource, and won't be able to stretch to 22 minutes very well. They also stifle my creativity by inhibiting me from being able to give the characters any original lines.

This version is set in a universe where Goku's friends defeated Vegeta without him. Future installments will see Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, and Chaozu go with the others to planet Namek to face the Ginyu Force and Frieza, so anyone interested in auditioning should be aware that there may be more to do down the road.

Goku: young man, 20's-30's. I would prefer something that sounds like Sean Schemmel, Kirby Morrow or Peter Kelamis.


Hey guys, sorry I'm late. Hope you didn't have too much trouble without me!

Almost there...Just try and hold on a little longer!

Gohan: little boy, 5 years old.



I like turtles.

Mr. Piccolo, why are you always so sweaty?

Krillin: young man, 20's-30's, goofy voice.


Gyeuhhhh?? (surprised)


Goku, we need your help!

Piccolo: very deep, cool male voice.


Gohan, just get out of here, you're too soft. Hmph...That's what makes you weak!

Special beam cannon fire!!!!!

You won't get out of here alive! I'll blow you away!

What, am I not turtley enough for you?

Vegeta: 20's-30's, Christopher Sabat-type voice


I'm going to blow up the Earth!

If I can't beat you in this form, I will just have to become the mighty Oozaru!

Galick GUN!!!

Tien Shinhan: 20's-30's, should sound like his FUNimation counterpart



Solar flare!!!!!

No! Chazou! You'll pay for this, saiyan!

Yamcha: 20's-30's, very cool dude


Time for my wolf fang fist!!!!

Alright...SPIRIT BALL!

Let me have a crack at 'im...I'll show these aliens nobody messes with Earth!

Chaozu: high-pitched little kid voice


Tien, help me!

Hey Vegeta, you forgot about someone!

Dodon ray-pa!

Yajirobe: 20's-30's, gruff voice, a loser


I better get out of here...I wish I could help, but I gotta look out for number one!

Whoa, he did it!

Yeah, take that, you alien scum!

Kami: old man


Here, Goku! Grab my hand!


Thanks to all who audition, break a leg! And then heal it with a senzu bean.

Quality audio is of course preferred.

DEADLINE: March 3, 4:20 P.M. Central Time
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