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[OPEN] Fate/Abridged Prisma Illya
05-29-2017, 10:09 AM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2017 05:16 AM by EveryearVG.)
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Fate/Abridged Prisma Illya
Project Info:
Hi, everyone! I'm fond of Fate franchise and everything related to it. But seeing how Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya has misused its own potentional makes me upset. So, I decided to create a better show of it by doing an abridged series (with its typical humor of course~~) or, at least, try to.

I need about 9 voice actors: 5 Girl VA's and 4 Boy VA's.
  • deadline 30/06/2017 (or 06/30/2017)

  • You should have a clear mic and no or little background noise.
  • Record and send me your auditions through this email: (you may audition as many characters as you like~)
  • Try to do at least 3 takes of each line.
  • Save files as ForAbridged_character_username.mp3/wav
  • If you have any questions/corrections leave them in the thread and I'll answer them.

Production Expectations
  • VAs will have 3 weeks to record lines
  • All team members are expected to be able to schedule time for line directing in GMT+3 time zone.
  • Episodes are expected to be released on a 1 month schedule (there're going to be 12-13 episodes in total)
  • Team members will be able to view and send comments/suggestions before release to the general audience.

Open Roles
Note: there are 2 original characters but it doesn't mean they're completely additional and unimportant.
After audition besides chosen roles it will be expected you to voice act addtional characters as well (classmates, Taiga, background voices).

Character Name: Illya
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10
  • Notes and Important Information:
    The protagonist. She is bright and sunny, very cheerful and nothing bothers her until she's got hurt and realized that fighting is dangerous and not a game. She has a mild form of autism which makes her a burden to everyone around her. But she doesn't notice how irritating she is to people around. Bad at German. I want her to have a cheerful tiny voice, annoyingly happy but cute at the same time.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: No, that's not right. Mom's told me babies are found in cabbage and parents bring them home to peel. *joyful/playful*
  • Line 2: Why are you frowning so much? Have you swallowed musty toast this morning? *concerned*
  • Line 3: Is this... blood? Like, it couldn't be real, right? No, it's not... mine, I-i'm fine, yeah, fine. *really scared*

Character Name: Miyu
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Second protagonist. Her destiny was to be sacrifice as Holy Grail but she managed to escape Ainsworth family. Now she's trying to start everything with a clean sheet. She is unconfident and socially self-aware. Her voice is weak and really quiet as it could crack any momment under the pressure but for others she sounds calm.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Actually polar bears don't live in Antarctica *boring*
  • Line 2: Illya, get out of there! *screaming*
  • Line 3: Stop fooling around! It's not a ballet but a fight... you might get hurt for real. *worried*

Character Name: Emiya Shirou
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17-18
  • Notes and Important Information:
    One of the main characters. He is a huge cocky asshole because he feels himself insulted by Kiritsugu who's saved him and become a hero to Shirou but sent him to live separately with Sella and Liz. After that Kiritsugu has never been in touch with Shirou. Shirou used to be a friend of Sakura but one day she just disappeared. Now Issei is the only one who's somehow close to Shirou. I want him to have a cocky serious voice but somewhat ordinary.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Yeah, as if I'm going to take her to the restroom. What do I look like, a babysitter or someshit?! *annoyed*
  • Line 2: Oh, my pardon, Julian. I haven't noticed you're holding a cosplay party here. Let me guess, you're dressed up as some hardcore otaku-virgin so dependent on his imaginary alcoholic father that he has totally forgotten to button up his pants after three hours of fapping on some family photo and crying like a little bitch because even his own mother's tried aborting him. *badass and cocky*

Character Name: Tohsaka Rin
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17-18
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Young, prosperous social climber in magus' world. As her family name is undergoing hard times she'll do anything to protect its proud and become outstanding magus. Her voice is calm and serious, but sounds hysterically when she turns on tsundere-like-rage mod .

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Oh, hell no! I'm not buying a 500 yen ice-cream even if that would change the timeline so Hitler had never existed. *tsundere-like angry*
  • Line 2: There's no need to be so melodramatic.No one cares about autism when it's robbery we're talking about.*arrogantly*

Character Name: Luvia
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17-18
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Rin's rival in becoming next apprentice in the Clock Tower. Narcissist from a rich family. She's got high and strong voice. Despite her being finnish she speaks with British accent.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Oh-ho-ho!*stupid laugh*
  • Line 2: E-ew! Don't touch me! People who loved last Star Wars movie are infected with cancer! *teasing Rin*
  • Line 3: Oh my god, Shero, you're such a muscular man. *trying to get attention*

Character Name: Ruby/Sapphire
  • Gender: Female/Male
  • Age: unknown
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Weird magical kaleidosticks. Ruby sounds like a female version of creepy pedo. Sapphire sounds robotic and stiff - I'll digitize her voice afterwards. As they aren't human beings it doesn't matter what gender has(ve) voice actor(s)/actress(es).

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: (Ruby) Oh, screw that! I gonna put this pretty dress on you! *creepy*
  • Line 2: (Sapphire) Nonsense! Such power is beyond human abilities. *worried*

Character Name: SpiritX/SpiritY/SpiritZ
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: unknown
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Main antaginists of the first arc. Immaterial proections of Heroic Spirits created by Ainsworth family. There are three of them: each one has a power to activate Heroic Cards and possess bodies of Alter versions of heroes. X is a Dark Souls fanboy and completely careless. Y is always arguing with X, just wants to do their job. Z is super serious, has a deep creepy voice with helm effect (like Darth Vader).

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: 2.Lines: (X) What are you doing? (Y) Ha, you see, I'm trying to
    dodge! (X) We're not dodging man, we're parrying! *arguing with each other*
  • Line 2: (Z) I hate you, guys *sigh*
  • Line 3: (Z) Now, just use the Noble Phantasm, you idiot! *angry*

Character Name: Sella/Liz
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: hard to tell from show perspective
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Sella is a caretaker of Illya and Shirou. She is very protective and attempts to be always tolerant to anything. Her voice is somewhat ordinary but mature and kind.
    Liz is supposed to look after Shirou and Illya as well as Sella does but she's to lazy to do this anyway. She speaks calmly and unemotionally.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: (Sella) Welcome home, Illya, how was your day at school? *kindly*
  • Line 2: (Liz) There's nothing wrong with watching someone while they sleep. *emotionless*

Character Name: Ivan (yobbo)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: unknown
  • Notes and Important Information:
    Origin unknown. Although, he claims to be Russian, it's hard to tell if that's true or not. Perhaps, he's one of the apprentices in Clock Tower. His speaciality is weird power over landscape structures and year seasons. He has a deep cheerful voice but speaks with stereotypical Russian accent.

Audition lines:
  • Line 1: Yo-o-u, wassup, bro? *cheerful*
  • Line 2: Hey, guys, I heard Japanese pour water on their back while bathing, so I took vodka instead. *happily*

Received Auditions:
  • Unstopibles
  • 8Ball
  • Anax
  • Amy x

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