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AbridgedForums Live Past Show Archive
04-07-2012, 11:12 AM (This post was last modified: 08-04-2013 02:45 PM by Airrest.)
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Video AbridgedForums Live Past Show Archive
[Image: t16Wb.png]

Welcome to the wonderful world of AbridgedForums Live, where our panel of abridgers take your questions, discuss live videos, and talk about topics related to parody. Each show is 2 hours long and features a different guest every month, usually chosen by AbridgedForums members.

To watch the show live, click here. Please bookmark us to catch future shows!

# Topic Guest(s) Host(s) Link(s) Notes
1 Viewer Questions codeblackhayate/ThornBrain Airrest Audio Only the audio was saved.
2 Viewer Questions LordMoonstone/SamuraiKH2/SinKatt Airrest/codeblackhayate/ThornBrain Audio Only the audio was saved. We also had issues with Skype and Vokle.
3 Viewer Questions Trixen/MsDBZbabe Airrest/codeblackhayate/ThornBrain N/A No recording of this episode was saved.
4 SOPA and ACTA/Viewer Questions Truthordeal Airrest/codeblackhayate/ThornBrain Video Poor audio quality.
5 Is Comedy Objective or Subjective? mattroks101/XvXBL0ODXvX Airrest/codeblackhayate/ThornBrain Video Vokle caused ThornBrain's audio to lag in the recording.
6 Can Editing Make or Break a Parody? 1KidsEntertainment/Ezekieru Airrest/codeblackhayate/ThornBrain Video Our first show on Livestream. Much better quality.
7 Stereotypes vs Archetypes in Parody Innagadadavida/Nowacking/NathanGraves989 Airrest/code/1Kids/Eze Video Inna dropped out halfway through the show and Airrest's mic just wouldn't behave.
8 Finding and Growing an Audience Faulerro/OoziHobo Airrest/code/1Kids/Eze Video We had some trouble halfway through the show.
9 How Much Does Voicing Affect Your Video? Deathlymuffins/ThroneofCipher Airrest/1Kids/Eze Video Show went off without a hitch.
10 Working Within Constraints/Women in Abridging Scourgemaster/manitoug15 Airrest/Truthordeal/Eze Video Announcement of AF Challenge #2
11 Randomness: Help or Hinderance? FalconFlyer69/ChadVision Airrest/code/Eze Video We had serious technical difficulties including connection and volume issues.
12 All About Voice Acting Dotvob/AtticusTheAbridged Airrest/code/Eze Video Couldn't hear the others in the first few minutes.
13 Writing and Delivering Dialogue Stephan/PurpleEyesWTF Airrest/code/1Kids/Eze Video PurpleEyes goes off on a long story about his college days.
14 Cultural Differences in Parody LittleKuriboh/HarrysFiddlesticks Airrest/code/1Kids/Eze Video Airrest's mic was a little quiet.
15 What Does it Mean to be a Director? KaiserNeko/MrSkoringo Airrest/1Kids/Eze See notes Kaiser left halfway through, and the first half didn't get recorded. Video later possibly.
16 Character Design Remix/Innagadadavida/Takahata101 Airrest/1Kids/Eze/Truthordeal Video Video showing time cut to 30 minutes; Eze and Truth picked discussion videos.
17 Thinking Differently Nowacking/xJerry64x Airrest/1Kids/Eze Video N/A
18 Coordinating Big Projects FoulFangedFiend/Gigguk Airrest/1Kids/Eze/Truthordeal Video Did not have any videos to show on this episode.
19 RottenAbridged/Critiques DrMircow/Nowacking Airrest/1Kids/Eze/Truthordeal Video N/A
20 Attention, Please. Faulerro/OoziHobo Airrest/code/1Kids/Eze Video N/A
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