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Demo Reel Repository Rules
03-04-2011, 05:35 PM (This post was last modified: 02-16-2012 10:56 PM by Airrest.)
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Information Demo Reel Repository Rules
Welcome to the AbridgedForums Demo Reel Repository. Here you can place your demo reel in its own thread for anyone to listen to. This is great for abridgers to easily find someone they might want to work with. Or if they already have you in mind, they can listen to what you can do to make a better decision.

That being said, there's only a couple of rules, so don't fret.

If you want to post your demo reel here, please make your own thread for it and title it accordingly: USERNAME Demo Reel or USERNAME Voice Demo or something similar. Please also choose the proper thread prefix for your gender when creating the thread. It'll be in a drop down menu when you title your thread. Your demo reel can be video or audio: whichever you'd like. If it's an mp3 file, you should just be able to copy and paste the link into the thread like so:


Where you host the file is up to you. We will not necessarily help you with that.

  • If you do NOT want critique, then please clearly state that in your first post. Otherwise, your series is fair game for critique. Remember that a positive critique is still a critique. No critique means NO critiques of any sort. It's all critiques or none at all.
  • Critiques in the Repository threads should be respectful and regarding the series, episode, or work ONLY. No personal attacks.
  • If you feel someone is in breach of these very simple, self-explanatory rules, please get in contact with myself or another moderator or admin.
  • If you want to make a longer critique (that can include mocking and insults) please post it in the Formal Critiques thread. If you want to make it personal, the ONLY place for that is the Unproductive Bickering section.

Lastly, your thread CAN be a place for discussion about your demo reel, but please note that no one looking for your demo reel should have to scroll through the thread looking for it. Please put all of your demo reels in the first post of your thread. If you have a newer reel to put up, please edit your first post to include it. Thank you.
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