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Voice Acting/Fandubbing which is Exceptional
03-05-2011, 11:45 AM
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Voice Acting/Fandubbing which is Exceptional
Now, everyone, I'm no big city voice actor. I barely go by that name at all. I ain't aware of any blue tooth, blue puff, blue ball or any other type of microphone. I don't know no fancy words like "normalize," or "clipping," or "gain reduction." I can barely use Audacity, and manage to do that poorly. In fact, all of the other buttons scare me, with their VSTs, and their Nyquist Prompts, and their so called "noise removal." But if there's one thing I have learned, it's that fandubbing and voice acting can be downright awesome.


Cristina Vee is a professional voice actor that has stuck with her roots, doing amateur voice roles and fandubs with other, non-professionals on Youtube. This song dub/parody I posted above is a testament to her awesomeness.

And there are others.

Sakasa Jin'ei, leader of OtakuDragonStudios, is probably one of my favorite purely voice actors on Youtube.

And xthedarkone is a consistent treat, this video especially.

So, I know there are others on this forums, probably the majority of you, that ARE involved in the VA scene and have more things that I do to share. And that is the purpose in which I created this thread.

The defense rests, your honor.

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03-29-2011, 12:03 AM
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RE: Voice Acting/Fandubbing which is Exceptional
I lurk VAA boards (like I do for many boards...>_>), and I came across this person a month or two ago. She goes by the name Miku-tan. She has a phenomenal voice. This video is the first one I came across of her that made me fall in love with her voice.

It's a big plus for me because it's an English cover. ^_^
She does stuff in Japanese, and as far as my ignorant ears can tell, she passes well for a native speaker (though I don't know if she is a native or fluent in Japanese).

As for her acting, she did this fandubbing of a scene from Panty and Stocking ep 6:

She did all the voices herself. I thoroughly enjoy her works and I recommend subscribing to her on youtube.
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06-26-2012, 10:06 AM (This post was last modified: 06-28-2012 03:33 AM by MovesLikeJagger.)
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RE: Voice Acting/Fandubbing which is Exceptional
Awesome Face One word: Sydsnap. Airrest my case.Psychotic Grin

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